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Developing the ontological division between the essence and the existence, Pornstar Punishment movies distinguishes the existence as given and the existence as fulfilled. The existence is not only given, but it is also fulfilled, or, speaking in above mentioned terms, the being does not only exist, but it is also active. The pornstarpunishment essence, supplied by subsisting, becomes a basement which fulfills the existence. By subsistence the essence is transferred into such a state of subject or basis that enables the being to fulfill its existence. This pornstars fulfilment must have a basis. Due to subsistence individual nature even acquires the power to transfer incommunicability, which characterised it on the level of essence, into the level of existence. Thomism views incommunicability as a sign of the individuality of pornstar disgrace being, which is the very ontological unity, comprising in itself the existence characteristic of it. The being, marked by such a sign, is called suppositum by scholastics punishment.

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